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SINOTRUK HOWO Sewage Suction Truck

Sewage suction truck refers to environmental sanitation vehicle which is used for collecting, cleaning up and transporting sludge and sewage to avoid secondary pollution. Based on the principle of self-suction and self-emission, it has high working efficiency, high capacity and easy transport, ideally suitable for collecting and transporting of feces, mud, crude oil and more. Sewage suction truck adopts the domestic advanced vacuum pump with large suction force and long distance suction ability. It is specially designed for sediment suction, transport and discharge in the sewer, especially for those large objects like mud, sludge, rock, brick and more.

Sewage suction truck consists of oil-water separator, moisture separator, dedicated vacuum pump, pressure gauge, pipe network system, artesian valve, vacuum vessel, communicating vessels, hydraulic kits and other components. And its dedicated part is made of power take-off device, transmission shaft, vacuum pump, Pressure vessel, hydraulic system, pipe network system, vacuum pressure gauge, communicating vessels and hand washing machine. This sewage suction truck is equipped with high power vacuum pump and excellent hydraulic system. And pressure vessel is treated by the once-molding technology. Waste can directly dump through rear cover. It comes with these features of larger suction force than fecal suction truck, high efficiency, large tonnage and wide use. Furthermore, sewage suction truck is mainly used for cleaning sediments in the sewer, blind spot or ditch. Also, it will be applicable to road flushing, water sprinkling and fire fighting in an emergency.

Technical Parameters of 6x4 Sewage Suction Truck

Specification of Sewage Suction Truck
Chassis model ZZ1164G4715C1
Drive type 4×2
Engine power 140kw
Overall dimension of truck (L×W×H) 7750mm×2480mm×3260mm
Overall dimension of tank(D×L) 1650mm×5330mm
Tank capacity 10m³
Max. speed 99km/h
Vehicle curb weight 7500kg
Vehicle gross weight 16000kg
Diameter of suction tube 100mm
Suction depth >=8m
Opening angle of the rear tank door 60°
Lift angle of tank 30°
Type Vane rotary pump

Technical Parameters of 4×2 Sewage Suction Truck

Engine CNHTC Brand WD615.69, 266hp
Transmission HOWO15710, 10 Forward, 2 Reverse
ABS Optional
Steering ZF8098 hydraulic steering with power assistance
Total weight 16000kg
Cab HW 76 standard cab with one berth
Rim / Tires 12.00—20 bias tire
Dimension 7790mm×2496mm×3170mm
Front axle HF9
Rear axle HC16
Fuel tank 300L
Cubage capacity 6m3
Pumping speed 3800L/h
Pump speed 800r/min
Color Green, white, grey, blue, yellow

Shanglong is a specialized sewage suction truck supplier in China. We provide a broad range of products, including concrete mixer truck, light duty truck, oil tank truck, wheel loader, and more.

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