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The fire truck is mainly composed of the SINOTRUK HOWO chassis and an upper structure. It features aesthetical design, good performance, automatic operation, and easy control. Drivers can simultaneously complete driving and fire extinguishing by way of the sandwich type split shaft PTO. The fire engine integrates a large capacity water tank, big range water-foam gun, and an advanced water pump.

While offering strong power, high speed and large liquid carrying capacity, the fire truck also features an extended cab, great ride comfort and easy maintenance. It is widely used in public security field, petrochemical industry, industrial enterprises, seaports and terminals, and other places to extinguish regular fires and oil fires.

The fire fighting vehicle supports working at ambient temperature between -30℃ and 50℃. All its components and parts can keep in good conditions within the temperature range.

The chassis is available in 4×2, 6×4 and 8×4 versions according to the tank capacity. In addition to standard SINOTRUK HOWO chassis, the fire truck can also be equipped with chassis of other brands as per client-side demands.

If you are looking for a performance and reliable fire fighting truck, whether that is looked for your customers or for bidding a tender, you can feel secure in contact us and discuss with us your requirements. We will help you select a proper model according to your application-specific demands.

Technical Specifications of the Fire Truck
Name Fire Truck Chassis model SINOTRUK HOWO
Weight (kg) Rated loading capacity 8000 Overall dimension (mm) 8566 × 2480 × 3480
Vehicle curb weight 10300 Upper part dimension (mm) /
Max. weight 18750 Wheelbase (mm) 4600
Engine Model WD615 Type /
Power/output (KW/ml) 196/9726 Manufacturer SINOTRUK ENGINE FACTORY
Performance Max. speed (km/h) 90 Wheel tread (mm) Front axle 1939
Max. gradeability (%) 28 Rear axle 1800
Fuel consumption (L/100km) 25 Length of overhang (mm) Front overhang 1576
Rear overhang 2177
Min. turning diameter (m) 16 Driving angle ( ° ) Approach angle 18
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 248 Departure angle 14
Number of leaf spring 9/9+6, 10/9+6 Type of tire 11.00-20
Cab Crew cab with flat head, 6 seats
Special function Water tank volume (L) 6000 Foam tank volume (L) 2000
Fire monitor Model: PP48 dual purpose fire monitor Rate of flow: 48L/s/1.0MPa Range of water: ≥ 60m/1.0MPa Range of foam: ≥ 55m/1.0MPa
Fire pump Model: CB20.10/30.60
Rate of flow under low tension: 60L/s/1.0MPa Rate of flow under medium tension : 30L/s/2.0MPa
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