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Wheel Loader

1. ZL60G wheel loader comes with features of compacted structure, excellent performance, electrical starting and electricity flameout, ensuring high power performance of this loader.
2. ZF gearbox is mounted on this machine, which makes this loader stable and easy operation. And the use of KD gear system reduces the shift frequency to improve its working efficiency.
3. The pilot control system brings this wheel loader with rational flow distribution, fast maneuverable operation and stable performance.
4. The functioning equipment with optimized design is embodied in its rational arrangement for articulated joints, huge breakout force and high lifting capacity. And the anti-dust kit for device can keep the dust or sand away, prolonging its service life and lubrication interval. Its self leveling system is designed to reduce operator fatigue.
5. The hood is electrically operated, which makes this mechanism easy and convenient to do any service and maintenance to the engine.
6. Full hydraulic enclosed wet-disc with Integrated Braking System is of features in terms of sensible response, stable and safe performance and free of maintenance, which ensures users have a safe machine operation.
7. FOPS and ROPS cab features in wide vision, good sealing and shock absorbing, air conditioner and radio, which offers more comfortable and safer working environment.

Main Specifications

Rated load 6,000kg
Overall weight 19,800kg
Rated bucket capacity 3.3m³
Maximum traction force 158kn
Maximum breakout force 204kn
Maximum grade ability 30ºC
Maximum dump height 3,450mm
Maximum dump reach 1,255mm
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 8,250mm×3,100mm×3,400mm
Minimum turning radius 6,500mm
Model Shangchai C6121 engine (CAT SC11CB240.1G2B1+C0069)
Type In-line water cooling dry cylinder injection
No. of cylinder-bore× stroke 6-126×130mm
Rated power 175kw (2200r/min.)
Maximum torque 950N.m
Min. fuel consumption ratio ≤215g/kw.h
Transmission System
Model ZF4WG200
Gear shift 4 forward shifts, 3reverse shifts
Maximum speed 38km/h
Drive Axles
Main reducing spiral Bevel gear Grade 1 reduction
Decelerating mode Planetary reduction, Grade 1
Wheel base (mm) 3,350mm
Wheel tread 2,250mm
Minimum ground clearance 520mm
Hydraulic System
System working pressure 18MPa
Boom lifting time 6.15±0.25s
Total time 10.65±0.5s
Fuel tank capacity 300L
Automatic leveling Yes
Service brake Air over hydraulic disc brake on 4 wheels
parking brake Manual brake
Type specification 26.5-25
Front tire pressure 0.4Mpa
Rear tire pressure 0.35Mpa

As an experienced wheel loader supplier based in China, we offer a wide range of products that includes single drum road roller, motor grader, cold milling machinery, and cargo truck, among others.

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  • SHANTUI Wheel Loader ZL30G wheel loader is powered by Perkins 1006-6T in line, vertical, water-cooled, direct-injection, turbo-charged engine. Its functioning equipment with optimization design is productive and comes with the features of automatic leveling in high position. And all of these data like dumping height, dumping distance, breakout force, and lifting capacity meet the international standards.
  • XCMG Wheel LoaderZL50G wheel loader offers full hydraulic power steering with flow-amplified system and center point frame articulation. It has the feature of convenient and flexible operation due to electric shift transmission, and it is widely used for many construction projects such as highway, railway, building, port construction. It is designed to shovel and load loose materials like soil, lime, gravel and coal.