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Single Drum Road Roller

A single drum road roller is ideal for leveling and compaction of uneven road paving materials such as asphalt concrete. It is able to ensure high evenness road surface. This type of engineering vehicle is typically powered by internal combustion engine, and is front wheel steering and rear wheel driving. If users want to have improved steering and compaction performance, we recommend choosing equipment with articulated steering mechanism and full wheel driving mechanism.

Typically, the front wheels and the road roller body are articulated, so as to reduce the swing of equipment body on uneven roads. The rear wheel and equipment are rigid connected. A scraper is available to remove the clay or other materials on the drum. Water spraying system is also available avoid asphalt sticking on drum surface. In order to increase compaction force, some road compactors are equipped with a drum which can be filled with iron, sand, water, etc. to increase drum weight.

Main Specifications of XS162J Road Roller

Model Unit XS162J
Operating weight kg 16,000
Weight on front drum kg 7,700
Static linear pressure N/cm 362
Speed range km/h  
Speed I   2.54
Speed II   4.97
Speed III   10.51
Theoretical gradeability % 30
Min. external turning radius mm 6,500
Steering angle ° ±33
Oscillating angle ° ±11
Vibration frequency Hz 28
Nominal amplitude (high/low) mm 1.9/0.95
Excitation force (high/low amplitude) kN 290/145
Engine model   SC8D156.2G2B1
Type Water cooled, pressurized Water cooled, pressurized
Max. power kw 115 (1800r/min.)
Engine oil consumption g/kw.h 223
Hydraulic oil tank capacity L 170
Fuel tank capacity L 240

This hydraulic single drum road roller is applicable for compaction of non-cohesive materials such as gravel, crushed stone, sandy soil, and rock filling. The vibratory roller is extensively used in construction of high grade highway, railway, airport, ports, dam, and so on.

Design and Performance Features
(1) XS162J single drum road compactor is equipped with a Cummins diesel engine to assure high power and low fuel consumption, and an optional electronic controlled engine is also available.
(2) The front and rear wheels are hydrostatic driven and single lever operated, and comes with two levels of speed.
(3) The hydraulic controlled central brake system allows the single drum road roller to be stopped when there is oil shortage, safe and reliable.
(4) The driver cab covered by a large arc shaped glass is equipped with an air conditioning system to assure comfortable driving environment.
(5) The integral engine hood comes with unique external design and can be opened easily to ensure easy access to engine maintenance.

2. XS122 Single Drum Road Roller

The two models of single drum road rollers are both vibratory rollers, and are designed for compaction of base course and sub-base as well as embankment filling. They are equipped with original imported high power engine and unique hydraulic driven system, and offer great adaptability to variety of environment. Hence, the two models of vibration road compactors are applicable for any working conditions.

XS122 models of single drum road roller are designed and manufactured with international level key components and system configuration, a closed type hydraulic driven system with two levels stepless speed change function and dual-frequency and dual-amplitude, compaction density on-line detection, fully enclosed driver cab with air conditioning system, Roll Over Protection System with safety certification, ergonomically designed operation system, suspending seat, hydraulic articulated steering, and streamlined external design.

Optionally, the two models of single drum road rollers can be equipped with imported compaction density meter and PD drum.


Type Unit Specifications
Operating weight kg 12000
Weight on front drum kg 6700
Static linear load N/cm 308
Speed range km/h 0~10.4
Theoretical gradeability % 45
Min. external turning radius mm 6800
Steering angle ° ±30
Oscillating angle ° ±10
Vibration frequency(L/H) Hz 30/35
Nominal amplitude(H/L) mm 1.80/0.9
Excitation force(H/L) kN 290/180
Drum diameter mm 1523
Drum width mm 2130
Engine model Cummins 4B3.9
Type Water cooled, turbo-charged, air-air intercooling
Rated power at 2200r/min kW 93

We are a specialized single drum road roller supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as all terrain crane, wheel loader, cargo truck and crawler bulldozer.

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